Expanding moral circle via reciprocity is a win-win way to guide society into flourishing future.

Is the Age of Connectedness now? Illustration: Zoe Van Dijk

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Why in the age when a robot has a citizenship, should people be exploited or experience famine? This is potentially because of geopolitical, historical and economic reasons. Indeed, research show that we reciprocate less with others who are physically or socio-economically far from us.

build economic and political models provide limited space for ethical discussions between organisations about choices for the society.This is potentially because main decision-makers, e.g., business and government leaders, focus on reputation and status.

We interact with others to learn and make effective decisions. Personal and Source filters can be useful in understanding people information processing in social setting.

Information is interpreted in line with but also to fit within the lines of our identity. Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

Our personal experience is greatly influenced by other people. All information that we have ever learnt has been obtained from others or from personal experience by trial-and-error. Indeed, the research in social psychology and neuroscience suggests that people pay close attention to information source that plays an important role in how we perceive information (Van Bavel & Pereira, 2018).

People perceive information in two general ways — from personal and social perspectives .When we receive information from other people (or groups of people), we make assumptions about them — e.g., how reliable or attractive ( i.e., status) they are, how…

Decision Insights

Psychology of Information. Biased by Alina Gutoreva (Psych@Warwick)

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