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  • Alice Bentinck

    Alice Bentinck

    Co-founder of EF (@join_ef) and Code First: Girls. We pioneered a new model of talent investing where we support world class technologists to build startups.

  • Lisa Chen

    Lisa Chen

    Dim sum and data connoisseur. Drinks my coffee black and orders Chatime bubble tea with 0% sugar. Find me on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-chen-655

  • Feliks Eyser

    Feliks Eyser

    Tech founder & investor from 🇩🇪. Sharing experiences for first-time founders💡🛠🚀

  • Elemental Editors

    Elemental Editors


  • Pina Schipani

    Pina Schipani

    Journalist. Social media editor at The National UAE. Former social media and audience development editor at The Sun.

  • David Spiegelhalter

    David Spiegelhalter

    Statistician, communicator about evidence, risk, probability, chance, uncertainty, etc. Chair, Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, Cambridge.

  • James Elfer

    James Elfer

    Head of Strategy and Behavioural Science at MoreThanNow behavioural change agency using science and creativity to transform the world of work.

  • Vlad Kozhevnikov

    Vlad Kozhevnikov

    Data analyst at SAP. Data mining and visualization lover.

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